Loc. Pievesprenna, 53022 Buonconvento - Siena (Tuscany, Italy)

Esperiences at Pieve Sprenna

Live the Tuscany
8 Feb

Horseback Riding

“Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica IL MISSOURI Equitazione”

Pieve sprenna riding school:

On a horseback around Pieve Sprenna landscape

โ€œ We walk our horses immediately into nature and follow le strade bianche or the narrow paths that sway through the fields or are hidden in the woods. The roads are lined with cypresses and by the end of June the grain ripens on the fields and the sunflowers turn clockwise. We are in the middle of Tuscany on the most beautiful hills between Siena and Montalcino and the wonderful landscape of Le Crete Senesi is just around the corner. Olive groves and vineyards alternate. On a horseback you have the best lookout over this area around Pieve sprenna.

The views are breathtaking and the landscape changes completely in every season: you never get bored.
Nature is pretty friendly in this part of Italy but is is almost impossible to find a hundred meters that does not climb or fall.
We take our time, time is on our side. The guide is multilingual and would like to tell about the individuality of the region during the trip. If a ride goes a little longer than expected, so be it. โ€œ

It is possible to book this wonderful experience even at your arrival!

At the choice of our guests, based on the experience, from an hour’s walk, to a day trip in the Crete Senesi!